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New Year’s Resolution: Learn How to Use Coupons

Is your New Years Resolution to learn how to save money?  One of the easiest ways to do that is to learn how to use coupons and price match at Walmart.  This is part 2 of our 6 part series teaching you how to use coupons and save money every week on your grocery bill.  Today we are looking at what is arguably the most important aspect of couponing, keeping your coupons organized.

How do I Keep My Coupons Organized?

The best way to organize your coupons is the method that works for you.  Some people like to use binders and keep them in the car.  Some people like to just take loose coupon inserts in to the store with them every time the go.  If I had to use either one of those methods, I would go crazy!  This is the way that works for me but please feel free to adjust it as needed.

The Filing Cabinet Method

As I get new coupons each week, I look through the coupons and cut out the ones I know I’m going to use.  For instance, my wife like Starbucks ground coffee and Torani syrup.  If either of those products have coupons out that week, I go ahead and cut them out and put them in my little coupon wallet because I know that eventually I will use them.

Then I put the rest of the coupons in a folder and file them away in my filing cabinet.  That way, I can find them easily if something goes on sale in a few weeks and I need to find a particular coupon.  This makes every coupon very easy to find at a moment’s notice.

Coupon Wallet

Once I cut the coupons I need each week (Or print them out if they are online coupons) I have a coupon wallet I put them in.  The wallet is organized by store section so I can the coupons I need for each part of the store I am in.  The key here is you don’t want to be standing in the middle of Walmart flipping through hundreds of coupons looking for the ones you want.  You want everything to go smooth and easy.

Did I forget something? Do you have a question?  Leave it in the comments and click here for part 3.