New Year’s Resolution–Learn How To Use Coupons Part One: Where Do I Find Coupons?


Every year when the New Year starts, we get flooded with new readers that want to learn how to use coupons and I thought it would be good to try to provide everything the new couponer needs to know in a few short videos.  If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them as quickly as possible.

New Year’s Resolution: Learn How to Use Coupons

Where do I find Coupons?

1. Sunday Paper

The easiest place to find coupons is in your Sunday Newspaper.  I buy 10 papers every week just for the coupons.  You need to try to find the best deal on your local papers.  Sometimes Dollar Stores will sell them cheap, sometimes you can find a pizza delivery business that will deliver newspapers with their pizzas and they will have some left over, sometimes you can contact your newspaper directly and have multiple copies delivered to you at a discount, sometimes you can get friends and neighbors to donate the coupons from their papers to you.  You might need to get creative to get the best deal but the Sunday Paper is where you will get the greatest number and variety of coupons

2. Websites

I have a list of places that you can print coupons here.  If you are looking for a coupon for a specific product, you can search the coupon database or look on that product’s website or FaceBook page.

3.  Digital Coupons and Rebates

I don’t talk about digital coupon sites like CellFire very much because Walmart doesn’t accept them but you can download coupons to your phone with programs like that.  Also, some stores that have loyalty cards will allow you to download coupons to your loyalty card through their website.  For example, for the last few months Kroger has had a digital coupon for a FREE product you can put on your Kroger Rewards Card every Friday.

You can also use programs like Ibotta and get rebates on what you buy.  Ibotta CAN be used at Walmart so I recommend you download it and stay aware of the deals on it.

Did I forget something? Do you have a question?  Leave it in the comments and click here for part 2.