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New Years Resolution: Learn How to Coupon

Welcome back to our week-long series on Learning How to Coupon!  Today we are looking at How to Stockpile.

How Do You Stockpile?

Stockpiling is really the endgame of couponing.  Every experienced couponer wants to have a stockpile of 3-6 months worth of the products they use in their household that they have paid as little as possible for.

What are You Brand-Loyal to?

The first step to stockpiling is knowing what you are and are not brand-loyal to.  For instance, if you are brand loyal to a specific brand of coffee, you want to clip every coupon for that brand and watch the sales ads for when that brand goes on sale.  If you are not brand-loyal to a type of coffee, then you just want to watch for when any brand goes on sale for it’s absolute rock-bottom price and buy 3-6 months worth then.  (Check expiration dates, don’t buy more than you can use before it expires or safely freeze)  Repeat this for every product you use in your household.

What is the Rock-Bottom Price?

The easiest way to learn what the cheapest you can buy the products you use is to use a price book sheet.  Print that sheet out and track your products.  After a few weeks, you will have a good idea of what the sales cycle is like for that products.  For instance, the first few weeks of summer is when you want to buy ice cream because everyone is trying to undercut the other stores.  Blue Bell is normally $4.99 a half-gallon here but if I catch the right sale, I can get it for $2.50 a tub.

As you become more experienced in couponing, this will become second nature.  You will know what you buy and how much you should spend on it.

Any questions about stockpiling or any part of couponing?  Leave a comment or contact me and let me help!  Click here for part 6.