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Today is the last installment in out Learn How to Coupon series!  I hope you have learned a ton and are ready to put it into action.

New Years Resolution: Learn How to Coupon

What Do I Do With My Stockpile?

Stockpiling is one of those things that people who don’t coupon really don’t understand.  They see you with 40 tubes of toothpaste and they think you have a hoarding problem or are just greedy.

They don’t understand that stockpiling allows you to get what you need for your family for several months at a fraction of what they will spend.  They also don’t understand that when you stockpile, it allows you to bless the community outreach groups around you.

My local night shelter depends on donations to continue to help the poor and homeless in our area and we are so blessed to be able to donate out of our abundance to them.  Rarely a quarter goes by that we can’t give them tons of toiletries and personal care items that we paid next to nothing for.

If you coupon, don’t feel guilty about getting more of an item than you can use.  If it’s free or very cheap, get it and donate it!