4 thoughts on “Ask a Walmart Expert: Will Walmart Ad Match BOGO Deals?

  1. BOGO with a listed price….

    My local grocery had bacon on sale, BO @7.89 GOfree. Walmarts price for that very same bacon is $4.98. I want to buy the bacon at the cheaper price and still get one free, but the cashier says I have to pay $7.89 because that is the price listed in the ad. All the policy says is the price has to be listed in the ad, NOT that I have to pay the price listed in the ad. Do I pay $4.98 for the bogo or $7.89?

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      $7.89 for 2. When ad matching, you are matching the deal at the other store. You would pay $7.89 for 2 packs of bacon there, so that’s what you would pay at Walmart.

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