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This is the ongoing list of our Ask A Walmart Expert feature

Can You Use Smartphone Apps and Coupons on the same Products?

What is Coupon Fraud?

What Stores are Kroger Affiliates?

What Stores are Safeway Affiliates?

Will Walmart Accept Expired Coupons?

Does Walmart Take Competitor’s Coupons?

Will Walmart Ad Match BOGO Deals?

How Many Stores Will Walmart Savings Catcher Ad Match?

Can You Use a BOGO Coupon and A Dollar Off Coupon at the Same Time at Walmart?

What Stores Will Walmart Price Match?

How Can You Tell If a Deal is a Good Deal?

Can You Use Coupons When You Pay With Cash for an Online Order?

What is the Difference Between Stockpiling and Hoarding?

Can I Price Match and Use a Coupon on the Same item at Walmart?

Can I Buy Coupons Online?

Does Walmart Double Coupons?

Will Walmart Take or Price Match Register Rewards or ECBs?

How to Send Your Expired Coupons to Overseas Military

How Do You Deal With a Poorly Trained Walmart Cashier?

What Are The Differences in Regional Coupon Inserts? 

How Many Sunday Papers Should You Buy?

Will Walmart Price Match Store Brand Items?

Can you copy a coupon and use it at Walmart?

What does ISO or UFT mean?

What is Walmart’s return policy when you use coupons?

Will Walmart Accept Other Store’s Coupons?

How many coupons can be used per item at Walmart?

What to do when your coupon doesn’t print

From how many miles away will Walmart price match a store

Will Walmart Price Match Big Lots?

Will Walmart Accept Target Coupons?

Will Walmart Price Match Amazon,, or other Online Retailers?

Did You Know You Can Price Match More Than Just Groceries at Walmart?

Are Cleaning Products Cheaper at Dollar General?

Is Rite Aid Cheaper than Walmart?

How do You Organize Your Coupons?

Can You Stack Coupons at Walmart?

How to Survive Walmart’s New Coupon Policy

How Do You Coupon Like a Man?

Can You Print Directly From a Coupon Database?

How can we get the prices of Walmart and Safeway?

Does Walmart Price Match Tom Thumb Card Prices?

Does Walmart Price Match Kroger’s Milk Prices?

Does Kroger Price Match?

Is CVS Cheaper Than Walmart?

What to do when Walmart Refuses your Coupon


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