DOUBLE UPDATE:  I can confirm (Thanks to some helpful readers) that they are indeed price-matching at t he Walmart price so the Cheez-Its example in the previous (lower) update is exactly correct.  However, there is a limit of 2 deals (4 items) total.

UPDATE: According to a new story from All You it looks like Walmart is price matching BOGO deals from Florida area stores like Winn-Dixie and Publix at the normal Walmart price.  So in the example below, you would get both boxes of Cheez-its for $2.50 PLUS you can use coupons on BOTH items.  This is getting to be an even bigger deal than I originally thought.  Please note that this change ONLY affects Florida shoppers.

The Tampa Bay Times posted a story today about a change in Walmart’s price matching policies.  The only problem is that it’s unclear what exactly the change is.

The story says that in response to Publix’ BOGO deals they have started price matching the Publix pricing.  Here is the sentence that outlines the change.  “Under the new policy, the Bentonville, Ark.-based company will match other stores’ BOGO deals using Walmart’s everyday price, even if it’s lower than the competitor’s price. That means a BOGO deal for Cheez-It crackers costing $3.69 at Publix could actually cost $2.50 at Walmart.”

Here’s the problem, the story is unclear about what exactly is being price matched.  In the scenario above, it seems as if you can get 2 boxes of Cheez-it for $2.50.  If that is what happening, that is a HUGE deal.  Beyond Huge.  Put Publix out of business huge.

However, I feel like someone may have been misquoted and they will continue to PM Publix getting you those 2 boxes of Cheez-its for $3.69.  But, to be clear, I could be wrong.  I’ve written the Walmart PR department for clarification so I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.

In the meantime, have any of you done this yet?  I’d love for someone in the Publix area to try this out and tell me what happens.