19 thoughts on “5 Ways to Deal With Rude Walmart Cashiers

  1. Anonymous says:

    What can Walmart cashiers do about rude customers? We can’t call their immediate supervisor.

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      I guess you will just have to do job calmly and professionally.

    2. Take a deep breath. Smile. Tell yourself that grouch could be your Grandma, and you wouldn’t want anyone to treat your Granny rudely no matter how rude she is/ was. Remember this job puts food on your table, keeps the lights on and the roof over your head. Not everyone is blessed to have s job. Tomorrow is a new day. Remember to thank God at the beginning and end of everyday, for everyday on this earth is a gift.

    3. You do your job and ignore the rudeness. As it was stated, you are being paid to be there. Customers aren’t. And while no one should have to deal with rudeness on either side of the register, you know what you’ll be up against when you take the job. I’ve worked at a Wal-Mart, so I can say that. I was being paid to be helpful. Sometimes I just had to work a little harder than usual to be that to some

  2. Hi I was in Walmart today CSM came up to the register to check all my coupons. Every time I go in the she hararrasses me. I’m really tired of going in there and she watches what I’m buying and what I’m checking out with!

  3. Nicki Mccarthy says:

    Is it true that coupon circulars to price match are only accepted in a 30 mile radius ?told to me by customer service from a store about 40 miles farther.

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      It’s “local”. What is local is up to each store and 30 miles seems like a pretty good distance.

  4. This happened quite a few years ago, but I have never forgotten it. I was just getting back in town, (Urbandale, Iowa), from a nice trip to Colorado on a visit to my brother. It was an almost 12 hour trip and I decided to stop at Walmart to get a bottle of wine and some treats for my cat. I went to check out and the young guy in line asked for my id. I was 35 and told him that but he needed to see it. After searching my purse, I realized it was not there. I had been giving a warning for speeding and realized I had left it in the car with my warning. I instead asked if an old military id , (I served in the Air Force and kept the id because it has my blood type and religious affiliation), would work and he said he needed to ask a manager. The manager,(a short, heavyset young female), came over and decided to inspect my id ad read it. She then said well, I have never seen a militaryid like this and it says on it that it is for military personnel or voluteers. She was EXTREMELY loud and rude ad several people were starting to notice. I then said, well, how about this..is this real? (I took out a picture of myself at my Air Force graduation). She then became more rude and said, No, this will NOT work. I was so mad and the people around me were in disbelief. The poor kid said sorry ad I asked for the manager’s name. Ironically, it was Veteran’s Day the next day and I came back to the store and asked for the GM. He came right away and I proceeded to tell him the situation and to show him my id. He apologized profusely and thanked me for my service. He said he would take care of the situation. I don;t know what happened after that, but I have a feeling she was severely reprimanded. So, I went to Target, (was not asked for id), and upon returning to that Walmart many times, never encountered that “lovely” female manager again. That is my bad Walmart story , but unfortunately I found this blog because I just had another bad encounter at a store in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Fortunately, the large majority of cashiers are very helpful and friendly, in my experience.

  5. Cheryl Daniel says:

    Had a bad experience with Walmart cashier today. I have not been through a cashier line in a long time as I prefer to use self checkout. So I told my husband I am tired let the cashier do the bagging today. Big mistake! We had to come to Lexington Tennessee Walmart because our branch bank had closed in Huntingdon Tennessee a year ago. We deposited a check and proceeded to Walmart in Lexington. We made our selections around 47.00 worth. Get to the check out. Our bill is totaled. Groceries bagged and placed in the buggy. Our debit card would not work. I forgot the check was not cleared yet. My mistake! We had a balance of around 40. 00. So we did not have enough available to purchase 47.00 worth. So I had her remove two items and our card still wouldn’t take. So I told the girl to allow us to step aside and see what we needed to do to at least make some of our purchase. She killed our transaction and started dumping the groceries out in the buggy like sacks of garbage. Never saying a word to us. I could not believe what I saw. I could not believe not even a word out of her mouth. My husband was humiliated. We proceeded to leave. But I could not! I wanted to talk to a manager. So I did. I told her that the cashiers behavior was disrespectful. The manager wanted to know how she could make it right. I told her how can you reverse your cashiers behavior. Sure I might have miss figured my available balance. But haven’t we all at one time or another. The cashier never said a word to us. I just can’t get the image of her dumping the groceries we had selected to purchase out in the buggie like garbage out of my head. I felt like that was her way of saying you don’t have money to pay so get the hell out! We will not return to Lexington walmart again. Her lack of communication and her body language dumping those groceries said it all!

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