PicMonkey Collage (2)

Man, 77, Busted For Walmart Checkout Rage – This first story makes the list because I have imagined myself doing this many times.  In fact I’m shocked we don’t see stories like this more often.  It’s really not that difficult people, if you have more than 20 items don’t go through the speedy checkout lane!

If Walmart Won’t Take Your Printer Back, Don’t Throw It At The Customer Service Rep – Man wants to return a printer after the allotted time, Walmart says no, man throws printer and causes $5K damage to the store. 

NJ Walmart Kept Tanks Full Of Dead, Dying Fish In Full View Of Customers – Imagine going to the pet aisle and seeing tanks full of dead and rotting fish.  Yuck!

Walmart workers didn’t protect her from attack, customer claims in federal lawsuit – So a Walmart customer is screaming profanities at a Walmart cashier. (They should have read my post about what to do with a rude Walmart Cashier)  Another customer asks her to watch her language because there are kids around and this is a civilized country.  You can probably guess what happened next.  If you can’t, read the story.