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    Aarn Farmer is the owner of Grocery Shop for FREE at The Mart, a blog devoted to helping people save money on their groceries when they shop at Walmart.

    Aarn Farmer loves to help people save on their weekly grocery bills because he remembers struggling to feed his own family when times were difficult for him financially.  He has taught FREE Online Couponing Classes, compiles weekly price match lists and matches every coupon from the Sunday paper to a Walmart price with his Reverse Coupon Matchups.

    In 2008, times were hard for most Americans and Aarn was no different.  With his home repair business struggling, it was difficult to to make ends meet and be sure there was always enough food in the pantry for his family of 6.  One day, one of his sons came home and told his wife Dian about how his friend’s mom had freezers and pantries FULL of food.  When Dian reached out to find out how she was able to afford all that food, she told Dian the secret.  She was an avid couponer.

    She took Dian under her wing and taught her everything she needed to know about couponing and saving money at the grocery store.  Dian was so excited about her new ability to save that she started a blog to teach others how to do the same, Grocery Shop for FREE.

    Seeing all the saving that Dian was doing inspired Aarn, he learned how to coupon and after a few years launched a companion blog, Grocery Shop for FREE at The Mart.  Aarn was able to see that of all the grocery stores, Walmart was the one that had the greatest potential to help the average shopper save with their price match policies and Low Price Guarantee.

    In November of 2014, Aarn and Dian launched the Grocery Shop for FREE Podcast to help even more people save.  This podcast, along with their flourishing FaceBook and YouTube pages and new Ebook, An Expert’s Guide to Saving at Walmart, has helped Aarn and Dian save countless people money when they head to the grocery store each week.

    Aarn and Dian are the parents of 4 and Grandparents of 4, were volunteer youth pastors for most of their marriage, and have each lost 100 pounds by cutting sugar and carbs out of their diet.

    Speaker Info

    Aarn has spoken in front of several church and civic groups, teaching how to save and get the most from their grocery spending.  Here are a few topics he could cover at your next event.

    • The Basics of Couponing
    • How to Save at Walmart
    • Frugality and Faith: The Believers Responsibility to Shepherd Their Money Well
    • Eating Healthy on a Budget

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