Walmart Shopping Secrets: Your Shopping Cart is Disgusting!

The mission of Grocery Shop for FREE at The Mart is to help you spend as little as possible on the things you need at Walmart.  While this blog focuses mainly on couponing, there are many other ways to save and to get the maximum amount for the money you spend.  To that end, we are starting a new series that will cover some of the non-coupon related things that will help you on your shopping trips.  I hope you enjoy these Walmart Shopping Secrets.

Your Shopping Cart is Disgusting!

Most of us don’t think about what went on with a shopping cart before we used it but let’s take a minute and discuss the average day for a cart.

  • It holds raw fish, chicken, and pork
  • Bloody juices from meat products pour all over it
  • People touch raw meat and then grab the handle
  • Babies sit in the front and drool all over the handle
  • Babies have “accidents” that 5 diapers couldn’t contain
  • People sneeze and cough on them

Long story short, shopping carts are practically petri dishes for all kinds of horrible germs.  How bad is it?  One research study found 50% of shopping carts have e. coli and 72% have coliform bacteria.  All that coliform bacteria tells us that fecal matter is involved in contaminating these carts.

Even if you aren’t a germ-o-phobe, you have to admit that those numbers are terrifying.

I’m not telling you this to scare you but to make you aware of the issue.  Fortunately, there is a very simple solution.  Just sanitize your cart before you use it.

Sanitize Those Carts!

Most stores have a sanitization station set up near the carts with wipes or a bottle of sanitizer and paper towels, use it.  If you just have the wipes, scrub the handle down well and then be sure to only touch the handle.  If your store has the spray, be sure to cover the whole cart in a fine mist and then wipe down the handle so your hands don’t get wet.

You can also carry a package of Clorox wipes with you if your store doesn’t provide any, and don’t forget to wipe down the handles of baskets if you’re shopping with those instead of a cart.

Also, be sure to wash your hands after touching a cart, even if you’ve sanitized it.  Better safe than sorry.