Keurig Admits Defeat; Ends DRM Locks on K-Cups!

Keurig Admits Defeat; Ends DRM Locks on K-Cups!

Do you remember the article I wrote about how Keurig was putting DRM style locks on its new 2.0 brewers?  Or the article detailing how it was an abject failure?  Well, it turns out that Keurig is finally admitting its mistake and allowing you to use after-market K-Cups in its brewers.

Keurig’s sales of brewers and accessories was down 23% last quarter but sales of the actual cups rose 14%.  Translation?  People still love their K-Cups but were staying away from their new pots that forced them to use only name brand K-Cups.

Two awesome bits of news you need to know.

#1 Keurig was rushing to incorporate formerly unlicensed pod brands so that the coffee makers would work with “more than 500 varieties across more than 70 brands” rather than just Keurig Green Mountain coffee.  That means moving forward any K-Cup can work with any Keurig coffee maker.

#2 Keurig is bringing back the “My K-Cup”.  This is the reusable basket that you can fill with your own coffee.  This is important because it was really the only thing that made making coffee with a Keurig anywhere close to frugal.  K-Cups are crazy expensive, putting a scoop of coffee in a little basket is sooooooo much cheaper.

I’m so happy Keurig realized their mistake and brought this horrible chapter in their history to a close.  I’m also glad that in the future my morning cup of joe won’t cost as much as a cup from Starbucks.

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