Brain Teaser

January is National Brain Teaser Month and I love brain teasers!  Here’s what we are going to.  I’ll post a different brain teaser 3 times a week, if you think you know the answer, leave it in the comments.  I’d love to see how smart my readers are!

Did you get the answer to Wednesday’s Brain Teaser? First you weigh 3 pills on each side of the scale. If the pills are equal, then all 6 are safe. Then you just weigh the two remaining pills and get rid of the heavier one.  If after you weigh the first six, one side is heavier, then you take the 3 pills from the heavier side and weigh any 2 of them.  if they are equal then the one you didn’t weigh is the poison one.  If they are not even, the heavier one is the poison one.

Here is this week’s Brain Teaser:

I purchased two different pieces of candy. Together they cost $1.10. One candy cost one dollar more than the other candy. What was the price of each piece of candy?

Here is the answer