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Will Walmart take Target Coupons?

Since starting this blog I have been contacted by readers many times with questions about couponing, Frugal Living, Walmart’s policies and procedures, and various other little things.  I figure if one person is wondering about it, there might be others so this will be an on-going feature to answer the most common questions that come up.  If you have a question, add “PastorAarn” on Skype or email me at groceryshopforfreeatthemart [at] gmail [dot] com.

Short Answer? Not if they are Target Store coupons.

If you go to the Target Website, they have a page of coupons you can print.  The coupons are a mix of manufacturer’s coupons and Target store coupons.  This is where it gets a little confusing because Walmart will take the manufacturer’s coupons but there is no easy way to tell just by looking at them which are manu Qs and which are Target Qs.

One way to tell the difference is just to print them (Or print preview them if your browser/printer supports this) and read the top of the coupon but there is a way to tell on the coupon page itself which are which.

Look at the language under the coupons.  Manufacturer’s coupons always include the phrase “when you buy” like this.

Target Coupon

You can print any of these coupons that start with the phrase “When you buy” and expect to be able to use them at Walmart.

Target coupons say “with purchase of” or have no phrase at the beginning of the text.  Here are a few examples.

Target Coupon "with purchase of"

This one says “With purchase of”.  It is a Target coupon and CANNOT be used at Walmart.

Target Coupon - No special Language

This one has no special language at the beginning and CANNOT be used at Walmart.

One other little tidbit is if for some reason you find a Target Q with a final price listed, i.e. Get Quaker Oatmeal 42oz 2/$4, Walmart WILL take that as it is just a price match.  In fact, you can then use another coupon on top of it.

Hope that helps!