5 thoughts on “Ask A Walmart Expert: Will Walmart Price Match Store Brand Items?

  1. Jack Barnes says:

    Simply put Wal-Mart tries every way to not add match Washington cherries 169 a pound they told me it was per one pound package and would not add match .

  2. In my experience it more often depends on the cashier more than the anything else. Some of them are stubborn or lazt and don’t want to price match anything. Some of them will price match anything, even if you have not proof that it’s cheaper somewhere else. Some of them adhere to policy guidelines and ad match with proof.

  3. Terri-Lynn Taylor says:

    Wal-Mart did match store brand until recently. Over the last 3 months they have stopped completely although some cashiers don’t care enough to argue and do it anyway.

    1. Terri,

      The Walmart stores in our area haven’t gotten the memo, yet, so ours still do.


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