Walmart Shopping Secrets

The mission of Grocery Shop for FREE at The Mart is to help you spend as little as possible on the things you need at Walmart.  While this blog focuses mainly on couponing, there are many other ways to save and to get the maximum amount for the money you spend.  To that end, we are starting a new series that will cover some of the non-coupon related things that will help you on your shopping trips.  I hope you enjoy these Walmart Shopping Secrets. 

Buy Discounted Giftcards

There is one way to save on groceries that I rarely see people talk about.  There are several places online where you can buy giftcards for less than what they are worth.  The savings aren’t significant, in the most cases you will only be saving 3-5% per card on a Walmart giftcard, but it is something.

I’ve met people who tell me they buy cards $500 at a time and spend about $475 each time.  Again, those aren’t significant savings but every little bit helps.

Here’s a list of a couple places you can look.