Walmart Photo Book

This would be a really cool personalized gift for you or someone you love.  It’s a photo book that you create online, you get to personalize it how you want (add text, crop, etc) and Walmart will bind it together and send it to you.  With this special Holiday deal, if you get the 8×11 book for $19.96, they will give you a 5×7 book also FREE!

We were at our Home Group meeting the other day (think small church meeting in someone’s living room) and they had one of these on their coffee table.  It was such a awesome thing and we kind of huddled around and flipped through it and got to see their kids playing and them just being a family together.  That’s when I decided to find out how much one of these were and when I found out it was less than $20, I was sold.  You should definitely look into getting one of these for your home.

Get yours now!

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