27 thoughts on “Walmart Announces the End of Ad Matching in 800 Stores Nationwide!

  1. And my stores CSM said they do not price match their own stores, it’s only this stores price or nothing. These people don’t know their own policies, so take proof before you go to show them and ask for a Manager.

  2. Karen Propes says:

    One store in Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina has stopped, but we haven’t seen any others in nearby towns. Will keep you posted.

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      Thanks. I really appreciate it.

  3. Sandra Hellmer says:

    Are any stores in Missouri stopping ad match?

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      Not that I’ve heard

  4. In Illinois up by Rockford they are ending price matching but will still have savings catcher. The signs are not up yet,but I work there and was told.

  5. What price reduction! We are seeing the prices go UP at Wal-Mart (Caro, MI)
    Living in a small community away from the Big City’s equals a higher cost to the customer.
    We drive to shop (approximately 35 miles one-way).
    We buy Fresh Veggies and other items, the displays have a product and not empty spaces.
    Travel time is the major factor, but the saving equal $20 ~up after paying for fuel.
    Going the distance to have a better selection (freshness) is worth the trip, finding the product on the shelf and at a lower price is a major benefit for us..
    Wal-Mart is not the only game – shop smart


  6. Walmart in Round Rock, TX on HWY 79 will no longer price match

  7. Grenada MS 38901 no longer ad matches. Stopped mid july

  8. Just left the Walmart in Hillsboro tx it’s showing price match will end October 16 2017 this is not my home Walmart but one I frequent hope my Walmart isint affected

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      It looks like it is being phased out everywhere

      1. Denton Texas stopped as of yesterday the 16th of oct they have the blue sign up..

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