The AWESOME Diaper Deal You Shouldn't Do


Update: Steve Noviello of Fox 4 News here in Dallas reported Tuesday Morning that he contacted Walmart about this issue.  Walmart said their policy excludes this deal because no specific sizes are given.  If the ad listed the sizes that Dollar General carried then Walmart would match it but because it just says “All Sizes” then Walmart will not match it.  Here’s the video if you’d like to see it for yourself.

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Man oh man, my FaceBook timeline is FILLED with couponers getting huge diaper hauls so I guess we need to take a minute and discuss what’s going on.  As you can see above, this week’s Dollar General ad has some very interesting language attached to the Pampers and Luvs diapers they have on sale this week.

The ad states that all counts and sizes of Pampers and/or Luvs diapers are on sale for $6.50 and $9.50 respectively and people are taking this ad to Walmart and getting the BIGGEST INDUSTRIAL SIZE OF DIAPERS WALMART CARRIES for these super cheap prices.  I saw one woman was getting like $500 worth diapers for about $150.  That’s a great deal! Except it’s not.  Here’s the issue.

These diapers are $6.50 or $9.50 in every count and size that Dollar General sells and they only sell the bags.  You can’t get Luvs Jumbo or Pampers Swaddlers in the large boxes at Dollar General which means you can’t price match them at Walmart.  This price is for the bags ONLY which if we are being honest, we all kind of knew that already.  Some of us just took a chance to try to cheat the system and give couponers a bad name again.

On another note, if Dollar General did this on purpose to try to cost Walmart some money, excellent job.  Their troll skills are outstanding.  It’s a shame so many people fell for it.

Also, if you are buying diapers, use these coupons to save a little money.