STOP!  Don't Use That New Tablet Before Reading This

STOP!  Don’t Use That New Tablet Before Reading This!

Did you get a new tablet for Christmas?  You might want to hold off on using it just yet.

BlueBox Security firms bought tablets from “Amazon, Best Buy, Kmart, Kohl’s, Staples, Target and Walmart and reported “shocking” security flaws, malware and active backdoors installed on the new devices.”

It looks like several of these dirt-cheap tablets come with security flaws out of the box.  The good news is that Google has released patches that will take care of most of these flaws but you will need to download and install all the updates to make your tablets secure.

There are also reports of games like Angry Birds being installed that aren’t from the actual maker of the game that could result in your private info being sent to a Third Party.

In short, if you got a discount tablet, do the following.

  1. Install all updates
  2. Turn USB Debugging off in the settings
  3. Don’t enter any banking information in to the tablet

For more information, this story was covered very well  on Apple Insider and there is an app you can download from BlueBox that will test your new tablet and reveal any security flaws.


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