Just a reminder that Dian and I are in Chicago for Blogher for the week so I won’t be posting very much.  Yesterday I went and parked the car in a garage and went to meet Dian at a restaurant called Yolk.  I typed it into my trusty Google Maps and saw that it was about a 25 minute walk so I decided to hoof it rather than take a cab.  I walked past The Loop which is a big park and took a quick pic of The Bean which is that crazy metal thing in the pic above.  After walking all that way and finding a closed restaurant with no Dian in sight, I realized that there is more than one Yolk!  Arrrrrrrgh! 

Turns out I had walked forever in the wrong direction.  Oh well, at least I got to see more of the city and the cab ride back to Dian was also very interesting but I will save that story for later.  If you’d like to see what I’m seeing, follow me on Instagram.

I’m going to have the price match lists done as soon as I can also.  If you are waiting on those, they will for sure be done by tomorrow morning.