You might have gotten a peek into the extremely difficult time I had using a few coupons a couple days ago.  To cheer me up, a reader named Janessa M. sent me her shopping experience that went a lot smoother.  Here is her story.

So after all the trouble you had earlier, I had to post this. So I went to my local Wal Mart and got 12 of the shave gels and used 4 of the $6 off coupons. I didn’t have anything else in my cart. The cashier was really nice and as she started scanning I let her know that I was going to be using four coupons for the shave gels and that it would be giving me some cash (change) back. She scanned them and they scanned fine and as she scanned the last one the total was -$0.24 cents. So she said "I owe you $0.24 cents. But then the CSM Approval popped up and she said that the CSM on the other side would just have to approve it. The CSM never even came over and within about 20 seconds the cashier handed me my change. You never know what kind of cashier you are going to get and I have noticed myself being a cashier snob. If they look like they are going to hassle me about my coupons then I would rather wait in a long line and take my chances. LOL

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