Waggin TrainWaggin' Train Treats

OK.  Before we get into this, please know that I hesitated to post this deal for a couple reasons.
#1 – People freak out when you post anything about Waggin Train products because there have been instances of them hurting dogs.  Please do some research before buying them for your animal and please refrain from sending me nasty emails.
#2 – This is a very unorthodox deal and I’m not sure if it will actually work.  I feel like it will because of the wording of the coupon but it could depend on your cashier.  If you do this, let me know.

Here we go.  In this tomorrow’s 8/26 SS there is a BOGO coupon for Waggin Train treats but some of the normal language you typically see on these types of coupons is not there.  Here’s what is says.  “Buy one (1) package of Waggin Train, get One (1) 6oz or smaller package of Waggin Train FREE (Up to $5.99)”  And then the small print says, “Required purchase necessary. Coupon may not be copied or transferred.  No other coupon may be used to purchase the same package(s).  Fraudulent submission or receipt could result in legal action or prosecution under Federal mail and/or computer fraud statutes.”

So what’s missing?  Usually the FREE item on these coupons is supposed to be of equal or lesser value but that’s missing here.  So going by the language on the coupon you should be able to buy the cheaper item and get the more expensive item for FREE (Up to $5.99)  So here’s the deal.

Buy the Waggin Train Jerk Tenders for $.94 and the Waggin Train 6oz bags of treats for $4.18
     Use the BOGO FREE coupon from SS 8/26
Final: $.94 for both

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