How I Got Campbell’s Soup and Pace Picante Sauce for $.23!

How I Got Campbell’s Soup and Pace Picante Sauce for $.23!

I told you about this deal yesterday but today I went and did it for myself and found a way to make it even better!

Step 1 – Go to Walmart and buy 4 cans of Campbell’s Chunky Soup and 2 16oz bottles of Pace Picante Sauce.  Price Match the Soup to Safeway at $1.00 a can and the Pace to Kroger at $1.49 a jar

Step 2 – Use 2 $.50/2 printable coupon for Campbell’s soup and the $.50/2 printable coupon for Pace products.  (There is also a $1.00/3 coupon for Campbell’s soup in SS 1/11 that will make for a better deal but you will have to buy 6 cans to be able to use 2 coupons.)

Step 3 – Follow the directions on this page to submit your receipt for a $5 eGiftcard.

Step 4 – Submit your receipt to the Snap by Groupon app and get the $.25 rebate for any Salsa

All together, you will get all this for $.23 after the giftcard.  That’s an awesome deal!

UPDATE: I posted yesterday how I had already gotten my giftcard, well today I can report that I used my giftcard at Walmart with absolutely no problem.  Got a great deal on milk and eggs!