1 thought on “Hey Fashionistas! Enter for Your Chance to be a Walmart Spark Reviewer!

  1. Rosie Ramos-Esparza says:

    Thank you for your specific and detailed information on the Spark Reviewer program.As I am interested in an invitation to be part of this program.I was extremely surprised to read that you can only join if you are “invited” In the long run for the success of this program it does make sense to run it this way.
    Being a wife and mother of 3 boys ages 22,15, and 9 I do a lot of shopping at Walmart for the items we need in our lives.We are a military family who enjoy living life and take no moments together for granted, so we don’t have time to shop at all kinds of stores for different products.The different variety of products we purchase from Walmart & Walmart.com I enjoy reading and writeing reviews on.Walmart is a one stop store we can rely on from groceries,clothing,daily toiletries,especially for our outdoor adventures; and can’t forget to mention all the electronics we have purchased and are very happy with.Some of our adventures take us several miles away from home, but owning a travel trailer helps us.So even when we are not home we are happy to say “Thank You Walmart” for all the diverse/variety of products you have in your stores that family’s (like ours) can locate very easily.

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