Everything You Need to Know About 2014 Walmart Black Friday One Hour Guarantee Items and Wristband Program!

Everything You Need to Know About 2014 Walmart Black Friday One Hour Guarantee Items and Wristband Program!

UPDATE:  If you are looking for the 2015 Black Friday info, that’s here.  If you are looking for the current Black Friday lists, look here.


The 2014 Walmart Black Friday ad is out and there are TONS of awesome deals there so please check it out at the link above.  This post will be concerned with all the programs that will be in place that day, especially the One Hour Guarantee and the Wristband program.


One Hour Guarantee

The One Hour Guarantee is very similar to how it’s been in years past.  In the Event 1 tier of the Walmart Black Friday Event, there are select items that they will guarantee that you will either be able to walk out of the store with or they will ship to your store for pick up before Christmas.  (See a full list of One Hour Guarantee items here.)

Event 1 will start at 6PM on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and you can begin to line up at 5PM.  There will be specially marked green balloons throughout each store section with the name of the One Hour Guarantee item on it to tell you where to begin to line up.

Once the sale starts, you will be guaranteed one item per customer but if there is still time left, you can get into a different line to get another item in the One Hour Guarantee.  My advice would be to use the store map on the Walmart App to figure out exactly where you want to be before you hit the store.

Once you get in line, you will be given a wristband that will guarantee that you will get that item, more on that in a minute.  If you get to the front of the line and they are out of stock, you will go ahead and pay for the item and then you will need to go home and register the purchase online.

You will go to Walmart.com/1HourGuarantee and type in the information on your receipt.  This must be done BEFORE Dec 1st to get your item.  After it is registered (you will need a valid email address) you will be notified as soon as your item is shipped to your local Walmart, then it’s just a matter of you picking it up.  You will need your receipt so be sure to scan it into Savings Catcher using the Walmart App so you have a digital backup.

Now let’s talk about those wristbands

Walmart Wristbands on Black Friday

Walmart will use the wristband system to ensure that if you are in line between 6 and 7 pm on Thursday, you will get the item you are standing in line for.  The wristbands will begin being passed out one hour prior to Event 1 starting, or 5PM.

Once you get your wristband, stay in line until you make your purchase.  If there is still time in the One Hour Guarantee time period, you can get in another line and buy a different item.

Here are a few of the questions many of you were asking last year.

How Early Can You Get a Walmart Black Friday Wristband?

Wristbands will be passed out beginning at 5PM on Thursday.

What are the Walmart Black Friday Wristbands for?

The wristbands are your guarantee that you will get that product before Christmas.  It will either be instock and you will walk out of the store with it or if not instock, it will be shipped to your store before Christmas.

When does Walmart start handing out Wristbands for Black Friday?

Sales Associates will begin handing them out at 5PM.

What Are Walmart’s Holiday Hours?

Most Walmarts will be open 24 Hrs on Thanksgiving.  The only time Walmart will close is from 8PM Christmas Eve to 6AM on the 26th.

Here are a few other things in the ad you need to know about.

Smart Phone Trade In Bonuses


Get a $100 Walmart Giftcard when you buy select Android phones or trade in your existing phone and get up to a $200 Walmart eGiftcard.


Get a $75 Walmart Giftcard when you buy an iPhone 6 or 5s.

Special Financing is Available


Spend $75 on your Walmart credit card and get $25 back.  Spend another $75 in 60 days and get another $10 back.  Also, get $5 back for every $500 you spend.  More info can be found here.

FREE Shipping on Top 100 Gifts!


Enjoy FREE shipping on the top 100 gifts this year.  Click here to see those gifts.

That’s a ton of info.  What are you most looking forward to this Holiday season?  Let me know in the comments.