Fortunately nothing quite this bad has ever happened to me while couponing but I’ve always been a little afraid of it.  Granted, Walmart should have opened another register and someone REALLY should have told that woman to stop harassing customers before it got out of hand but I can’t believe this woman felt comfortable saying these horrible things to complete strangers.

I’ve watched this video a couple times to make sure I really understood the things she was saying.  Remarks about her weight, education and financial situation that were all WAY over the line.  I know it can be frustrating to be in line for longer than you were planning but most of us have the “home-training” (a delightful term I learned from the teenagers Dian and I were Youth Pastors over) to know to keep our mouths closed and not disparage other people we don’t even know.

I sincerely hope this video goes viral and anything you can do (like share this post on every social media channel you have available to you) to make this happen would be appreciated.  This lady needs a healthy dose of shame to make her realize that she should keep her hateful opinions to herself.