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Here’s the best Price Match opportunities from the Dollar General Ad.  We have changed the format to bring you more savings, now you can sign up at The Price Match Report to get a full price match list customized for your area delivered to you every week.  Here is a short post detailing why we made the change and you can go here to get a FREE trial membership.  So far everyone who has used this new system loves it and is saving much more money than with the old way.  If your town isn’t listed, sign up for the National lists to get all the National stores delivered to you and please contact me with any questions.  Here’s how to Ad Match at Walmart.  Here’s to saving even more money by Ad Matching at Walmart!


UPDATE:  Due to Walmart phasing out Ad Matching across the country, we will no longer be creating Ad Matching lists.

12/4 List


Campbells Cream of Mushroom or Chicken Soup 14.75 oz
.40/4 (SS 11/6) OR $1.25/5 OR .75/5
Retail price: $1.25
Sale price: $0.75
Final price: $0.5
You saved: $0.75 (60%)

Hefty Trash Bags. Assorted counts and sizes Excludes value pack.
$1/1 OR $1/1 Printable OR $1/1 Printable OR $1/1 (RP 10/30) OR $1/1 (RP 10/30) AND $1/1 (Limit 1 Not Valued) AND $1/1 (Limit 1 Not Valued)
Retail price: $7.57
Sale price: $4.50
Final price: $3.5
You saved: $4.07 (54%)

Campbells Chunky or Progresso Soup
.60/3 (SS 10/30 )
Retail price: $1.68
Sale price: $1.50
Final price: $1.3
You saved: $0.38 (23%)

Wolf Brand Chili 15oz

Retail price: $1.50
Sale price: $1.25
Final price: $1.25
You saved: $0.25 (17%)


8 thoughts on “Current Dollar General Price Matches

  1. So my question is Do you have to show the ad for every item to get the cheaper price from another store or what is the easiest way to go about this?

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      Their policy states that you do not have to show the ad but I always take the ad with me just in case.

  2. DG has BIC 10 pk of pens on sale for $1.00/2 (not sure if it’s in their weekly ad or not). Use $1.00 off 2 from SS 7/29 = FREE!

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      Thank you so much!

  3. How much is Swanson BEEF BROTH

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      Check your Walmart app

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