Walmart has made a few changes to their coupon policy recently.  The differences are very small but the upshot is this: if a coupon doesn’t scan. they won’t take it.  No more manager overrides or an associate keying in the amount, it has to be scanned.  Also, they have to be scanned with the flat scanner, not the hand-held ones.

What’s going on here is Walmart has made the switch to the new double barcode system that is on all coupons, hopefully this means less fraud and the stores can stop panicking about coupons and leave legitimate couponers alone.  Hopefully.

What you need to do

1.  Print well.  Only coupons printed clearly are going to scan so make sure your printer has ink.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be color but your black needs to be full.

2.  Clip well.  Sometimes when clipping 10 coupons or more out of the paper at the same time will cause you to clip a little of the barcodes off.  Don’t do that, be sure your papers are perfectly lined up before you cut.

3.  Don’t blame the cashier.  If that coupon doesn’t scan the cashier MUST hand it back to you.  I know it will be frustrating when it happens to you but it is not that poor cashier’s fault.  If you need to take that item off your order, do it but be nice and keep the situation as stress-free as you can manage.  (I know, I know…easier said than done sometimes.)

If you run into an issue with the new policy, (like a particular coupon isn’t scanning) let me know so I can let others know to be careful with that coupon.  Thanks in advance!

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