Clothing and fashion define a large part of us, especially when we reach our twenties. Following the latest trends is very important for young adults in order to maintain their professional and personal images.


However, spending extravagantly on clothes might leave you almost broke at the end of the month. Here are 25 must-know ways to save money on clothes for every young adult.

1. Avoid Expensive Brands

Famous brands are very tempting. But the high-priced products are out of the reach of many young adults. No matter how tempting the clothes look, people should avoid buying branded clothes for everyday wear, especially underwear.


When buying underwear, it is best to opt for cheap but good quality ones rather than branded ones. Cotton underwear is not only cheap but comfortable too, especially for men.

2. Sell Off Unwanted Clothes

Selling off unwanted clothes can bring in some extra cash. People should go through their closets once a year to get rid of unnecessary clothes.

3. Save Money by Shopping Out of Season

Trendy or in-season clothes are expensive. Most of the time, shoppers will have to pay the whole retail price for them. By shopping for out-of-season clothes, people can pay less than the retail price.

4. Use Discount Coupons

Many online stores and apps provide discount coupons. By stacking up these coupons, young adults can save a lot of money on their clothes. There are many coupon apps on smartphones that provide discount coupons occasionally.

5. Buy Only One Branded Clothing Set

One does not need to buy a lot of branded clothes. Just one branded set for each occasion will work fine. This will help in saving money.

6. Mix It Up

One bad habit of a lot of young adults is that they go shopping even if one piece of clothing goes missing. Instead of buying clothes every time you lose a clothing item, it would be best to mix and match different clothes.


  1. Caring for Clothes

Most young adults don’t care for their clothes properly. But this decreases the clothes’ longevity. Washing clothes at least once a week is very important to keep their longevity. Folding the clothes neatly will also preserve them longer.

8. Avoid Clothes That Need Dry Cleaning

Young adults should avoid clothes that need dry cleaning. This technique of washing is highly expensive and will cost a lot of money for those who can barely pay bills on time.


Machine wash-friendly underwear not only helps save money, it’s long-lasting and more suitable for regular use than briefs that need dry cleaning.

9. Thrift Shops are a Bargain

For smart shoppers, thrift stores are a blessing. One can find branded clothes there at cheap prices. These stores also have regular discounts and sales. The stores are friendlier on the wallet and shoppers can get good quality clothes.

10. Stop Frequent Purchase

Cheap clothes also sound good. But are they really cheap when one buys too frequently? No matter how cheap clothes are, if people buy them frequently, it is going to add to their expenses. Reining in the impulsive need to shop will save up a lot more money.

11. Avoid Clothes from Factory Outlets

Factory outlets sell clothes that did not sell last season or are defective. Not only are these clothes of subpar quality, but the so-called discount prices might be the actual prices. Shoppers should remain wary of these money-wasting sales.

12. DIY Clothes

Mending old clothes or using old clothes to make new ones will save more money. Instead of buying new clothes, old clothes can be stitched up to increase their longevity.


  1. Trendy is Not Always Good

People need to understand that trends do not last. Some trends will see the rise of outlandish fashions that will look childish in the next trend. Instead of going with every trend, one needs to stick to the necessary clothes that will last beyond any trend.

13. Accessorize

One does not need to go for trendy clothes to blend in with the latest fashion. Young adults can add a little sparkle to their fashion statements by using accessories like small jewelry, watches or bangles. Imitation accessories are cheap and can be used to style up any look.

14. Befriend Salespeople

Sometimes, one might benefit from befriending the salespeople from one’s local clothing store. They will start to give you better service and provide details on special rates. Many young adults can save up their cash this way.

15. In-Store Surveys

Salespeople constantly hounding shoppers for surveys might seem annoying. But these surveys sometimes have special discounts for those who complete them. Frequent shoppers might scout out such surveys to receive percentage discounts and keep their wallets heavy.

16. Online Clearance Sales

Many clothing sites and outlets sell their clothes online in clearance sales. Young adults should browse for such offers to get good quality clothes at the cheapest possible prices. Many of these online stores also have better varieties.


Some sites also provide information on how to scout out bargain sales.     


  1. Borrow, Don’t Buy

While it is smart to have one set of branded clothing for very special occasions, it would be too embarrassing to wear the same set at every occasion. The best option to save money would be to borrow clothes from friends who have similar sizes to you.

18. Keen Hunting Does the Trick

Most shopping outlets want their customers to go on spending sprees. The outlets are designed in such a way that the expensive clothes are placed in prominent areas, while the cheaper ones are placed at the back. Buying the first clothing off the rack will only increase expenses. People need to keep hunting in order to find cheap clothes in stores.

19. Track Sales At Major Outlets

Many branded stores hold annual sales where they offer their clothes at the cheapest prices. It would be best for any money-saving young adult to keep track of these sales so that they can get their hands on the products.

20. Shop According to Lifestyle

Many young adults will get tempted by the glitz and glam of expensive clothes. But they need to maintain their current routine and buy clothes that are necessary for their lifestyles.

21. Renting Services are a Relief

Sometimes, renting is the best option to save money. There are many stores that let people rent out clothes for a period of time. These are cheaper than buying an entire set of clothes, especially for one-time wear.

22. Men’s Clothes are Cheaper

Clothing stores price women’s clothes higher than men’s. Women who are looking for unisex clothes should check out the men’s section. They may find cheaper clothes there.


  1. Avoid Flash Sales

Flash sales can cause people to go crazy over clothes. But the customers are only tempted by the prices and time limit. Most of the time, they do not need clothes. Therefore, unless one really needs clothes, flash sales should be avoided.

24. Avoid Fashion Magazines

The colorful pages of fashion magazines are tempting. This can lead to impulsive buying of unnecessary clothes. Young adults should steer clear of these magazines if they cannot control themselves.

25. Buy Affordable Clothes

Once people enter their twenties, they need to be more responsible with their spending. Young adults need to buy clothes they can afford and set aside a fixed amount of cash every month for clothes. This will help them restrain themselves from exceeding that limit.

Final Thoughts

Everyone dreams of buying expensive and branded clothes once they start earning in their twenties. However, people should take the time to save and lay off expensive clothes until they can upgrade their lives well enough.


Spending responsibly on clothes will help young adults to control their expenses until they can save enough to afford the life they crave for themselves.