10 Things You Should NOT Be Frugal On!

This week’s Grocery Shop for FREE podcast is up!  This week we are looking at things you shouldn’t be frugal on.

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10 Things You Should Not be Frugal On

1.  Toilet Paper – 1 Ply is the worst thing on the planet
2.  Bedding – You spend 1 third of your life in bed, make it the most comfortable place you can
3.  Shoes – When you aren’t in bed, you are on your feet.  Make them comfortable.
4.  Safety Equipment – Keep flares in your car and if you work in a dangerous place, don’t scrimp on the things that will keep you alive in an accident
5.  Birth Control – Kids are awesome but expensive.  If you don’t want one just yet, be sure to the higher quality prophylactics.
6.  Tires – Good tires make all the difference when having to stop quickly or have traction on wet roads.  Be sure your car always has its tires in good shape.
7.  Dental/Medical Insurance – Make sure you have the right coverage for your family.
8.  Tattoos – If you are going to get one, it’s going to be there a while.  Make sure you have “No Ragrets
9.  Food – Being frugal doesn’t mean just getting the most food for as little as possible, but getting the best food for you and your family as cheaply as possible.
10.  Pet Food – The cheapest pet food is rarely the healthiest.  Do your research and take care of your pets.


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