Many consumers have changed the way they do their shopping nowadays. Large internet-based e-commerce sites have been on a steady rise. And this has exponentially increased the number of consumers who are now shopping online rather than going to the store.

This has led many traditional retailers to open dedicated e-commerce websites allowing consumers to purchase their products online. 

Discussed below are some of the reasons why many consumers are choosing to shop online on sites like Fe-acc18 ru, rather than purchasing in-store.

Shopping online can be safer than shopping in store

Avoiding Going to The Shopping Centers

COVID-19 has caused conventional ways of shopping to be altered. Many malls and supermarkets were closed during the lockdown, leaving consumers no means to buy products.

That’s when online stores really came of use, consumers could just browse the store’s webpage and order their products online. Also in regular times, this could be the alternative if you are not a fan of the chaos at the shopping centers.

Shopping centers tend to get overcrowded during large festivals such as Christmas. This results in the in-store products to get depreciated very soon.

Not to mention the disorientation it may cause people with sensory processing disorders and mental health issues due to the crowd. All of this can be avoided if you choose to shop online from the comfort of your home.

Getting Voucher Codes and Discounts

Many retailers are now offering discounts and voucher codes as marketing promotions to be used online. Exclusive voucher codes that can be used for online shopping, is offered by many third-party websites as well to boost sales.

There are many exclusive discounts and offers that are available on the store’s website, rather than the physical stores. Also, you can find discounted products online that were not offered in the stores. 

The purchased products are then delivered to your house. Third-party websites and retailers use the internet to offer the same products at a discounted rate than the store.

This way consumers are getting the opportunity to find the latest promotions and avail the best deals from the convenience of their own homes.

Searching online for products is much easier than in store

Larger Collection Of Products Online

It’s common for many stores to have stock of more items available in their online outlet rather than their retail stores. Larger quantities and range of products are available online due to the limitation of space and capacity of storage in the local stores and the warehouse.

You can use the search buttons on the online pages and websites to easily find the products much sooner and with minimal effort.

Buying products online can be especially helpful if you live in a small town or remote area where there aren’t any large shopping malls. Some stores will even encourage you to shop online by offering limited-time discounts or exclusive items available only if you shop from their online store.

Home Delivery

Shopping from the physical store means you have to make the extra trip to the store to get your desired item. This also is true in case you order a product from the store, you need to get to the store to get it when the product comes into stock.

This is where you benefit from online shopping, as they deliver the purchased product straight to your billing address. 

You can even choose the product to be delivered the same day, or at a predefined date in the future. Consumers with a disability preventing them from making the journey to the store or people who struggle to walk far can especially benefit from having their product delivered to them.

There can also be standing orders for products to be delivered regularly at a specific interval. This is helpful for ordering daily essentials.

Some companies offer free delivery within certain areas, so you don’t have to worry about the added delivery charge. You will also be able to save money in fact by not having to travel to the store and pay for transport. Home delivery also makes returning a product easier.

You just need to fill out a postal form and send the product to the retailer from your local post office. The money should get refunded in your bank account soon after the product is returned.

Saves Time

Many consumers have a very busy schedule that does not allow them to visit the high street regularly. That is why online shopping is perfect for shoppers who have very little free time.

Online shopping is enabling you to buy your desired products with just a few clicks rather than going through multiple stores which take long hours.

The online shopping method has been made even quicker in recent years through a few innovations. If you are an account holder, quick purchase buttons allow you to buy your desired product with just one click.

This is done through the new system provided by the computers to save your information in their database. This refrains the need for filling out the form after you purchase something every time.

Shopping Online is convenient when you have a busy schedule

Shopping 24/7

Most adults have busy schedules nowadays leaving them unable to shop in conventional hours. Online shops have the facility to allow you to shop 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Now you don’t need to rush to the market after work or wait till the weekend to buy the product of your choice. You can access the online stores at your convenient time, day, or night rather than having to wait for the weekend to hit the market.  

Some interactive services like live chat may be limited to opening hours only. Most shops will allow you to buy products whenever you require it as they are now completely 24/7 operational.


COVID-19 has caused many consumers to turn away from traditional stores in shopping malls. Online shopping has given them a convenient alternative. Now more than ever there is a huge number of brands selling their products online.

Many businesses are not even going for physical stores anymore, investing their whole merchandise to be available online. So shop online at your convenience and avail the best deals and lucrative offers and get them delivered at your doorstep. Happy shopping!