Weird Walmart News

I get sent some of the stranger things that happen at Walmart’s around the country and every once in a while I’ll post the really odd ones here for our collective enjoyment.

Just a man shoveling snow in front of a Walmart…for all eternity.

Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe Defends Walmart on Facebook – Here’s where Mike Rowe shows that he really get it. “It’s a hell of a thing when someone you really don’t like suddenly does something that you actually agree with,"    Amen.  For some people, this is like Hitler playing with kittens.

Duo pepper sprayed Walmart employees, stole money cart – These two stole money from Walmart and pepper-sprayed EVERYONE that got in their way.

Teen Tricks Walmart Out of Over $24K, Police Say – This article really doesn’t do justice to how incredibly ballsy this guy was.  He goes into a Walmart on Black Friday, works the register for 6 hours and walks out with everything in his till.  Then he goes to another Walmart, talks his way into the cash audit room and steals $29K.  Wow.

Walmart thinks burglar knew the way to $29,000 – This guy get his tires blown out, tased and arrested after stealing $29K from a different Walmart.

FYI, JIC any of you are planning on robbing a Walmart.  They have cameras EVERYWHERE.  You ain’t gettin’ away with it!