3 wanted for Shoplifting – Look, if you are going to steal computers, maybe don’t do it from a store that has a bazillion security cameras.  You end up with your pic all over the internet.

Is Publix the Walmart Slayer? – Ummm…probably not

Walmart in Wage Fight – This story is a little weird.  Washington DC is trying to pass a law that seems to focus exclusively on Walmart to force them to pay $4 over minimum wage.  I’m not even sure how that is legal, minimum wage should be minimum wage everywhere.

Walmart stops sale of Craze – After USA Today did a story on questionable supplements, Walmart is pulling Craze from their website.  Be careful what you put in your body, people!

Wal-mart is teaming up with Google to fight patent trolls – I hope they win, if there is anything Mark Cuban has taught me, it’s that patent trolls are bad.