The mission of Grocery Shop for FREE at The Mart is to help you spend as little as possible on the things you need at Walmart.  While this blog focuses mainly on couponing, there are many other ways to save and to get the maximum amount for the money you do spend.  To that end, we are starting a new series that will cover some of the non-coupon related things that will help you in your shopping trip.  I hope you enjoy these Walmart Shopping Secrets.

Your Senses Can Work Against You

Walmart knows that a tantalized shopper is a less disciplined shopper so they go to work on your senses as soon as you come in the door.  What is commonly close to the front entrance of most Walmarts?  That’s right, the Bakery/Deli.  That’s no accident.  They want you to catch a whiff of fresh baked bread or rotisserie chicken right as you come in the door.  Those smells get you salivating and give you a sensation of hunger and hungry people buy more food.

Now that you know why it’s there, you can fight against it. Stick to your plan and buy what’s on your shopping list.  (Did you walk into a Walmart without a list?  You will spend up to 20% more on average.  Have a plan.)  Get what you came in for and don’t be swayed by the awesome smell of fresh-baked bread.  Try not to imagine a big hunk of it, still warm with a little butter melted on it.  Maybe a few pieces of cheese or an apple slice.  Well crap…now I’m hungry. 🙂


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