Walmart Online Price Matching FAQ's

Walmart Online Price Matching FAQs

We have been inundated with awesome questions from you guys about Walmart’s Online Price Matching Policies and we have spent all day tracking down the answers you need.  Come join us over in our Walmart FaceBook room and let us know if you have any other questions.

Can you Price Match Amazon 3rd party sellers?

This is the question of the day!  I have spoken to several members of the Walmart PR and Corporate Communication teams and the one answer I keep consistently getting is that it is up to the store manager’s discretion.

You have no doubt seen people getting crazy deals by price matching 3rd party sellers but it looks like the members of the Walmart management teams are beginning to realize that most of these 3rd party sellers are offering illegitimate deals or hiding the real cost of the product in their shipping and handling charges.  These are the deals that most Walmarts will probably stop price matching very soon.

A good rule of thumb is that if a deal is too good to be true, you will probably have a more and more difficult time price matching that deal moving forward.

How can you tell if a deal is 3rd party?

If you are using the Amazon app, you can scan the products you want to check and bring up their individual pages and see if they are from Amazon or a 3rd party.

2014-11-18 21.42.00

This item is sold by Amazon because it says “FREE shipping on orders over $35” and has no other seller names listed.

2014-11-18 21.41.53

This is from a 3rd party sellers.  It has an extra shipping cost added to it and says “Ships from and Sold by Mr_Deals”

To see how to use the Amazon app, take a look at this post.

Can you Price Match and use Coupons on the same items?

Absolutely, as long as the coupons are used correctly.  If your store doesn’t allow this,

call 800-Walmart and tell them the situation, they may be able to help.

Can you PM Amazon Prime prices?

Yes but only because being in Amazon Prime doesn’t change the price of a product, it just allows you to get FREE 2 Day shipping.  For more info on all of Amazon’s programs like this, listen to this.

Are there other restrictions?

Yes, there are several and are outlined in the official Walmart Online Price Matching Policy that can be found here.

Can you Price Match something in Layaway?

Kind of.  You can price match something and then put it in layaway at that price or you can pay off a layaway and then price match it and get the difference refunded back to you.  You can’t change the price of something that is already in Layaway as that price is “locked in” until you pay it off.

Are there apps that will check the cheapest online prices?

Yes but so far I have been unable to find an app that will check all prices.  Red Laser will match a lot but not Amazon, you will need to use the Amazon app to check Amazon prices.  Both of these can be found in the Google Play Store or iTunes Apps

How many like items can you Price Match?

This is up to the individual store manager but I haven’t seen anyone complaining about limits except for some stores putting limits on penny deals.

How long is this Online Price Match policy going to be in effect?

At least through the Holidays but will most likely be a permanent fixture in their policies moving forward.

Anything else important I should know?

Good grief yes!  This year we have seen tons of information come out that every Walmart shopper needs to know.  Here’s a few of the best articles to look at.

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