imageAre you an Angry Birds fan?  Chances are you’ve at least played it because it is the most downloaded game ever and Walmart is teaming up with Rovio to launch their new “Angry Birds Space”!

There will be 4 Easter Eggs you can find, the first one is on their FaceBook page with the other 3 hidden in Angry Birds merchandise all over their stores that will unlock 4 bonus level within the game.

Customers can search through Angry Birds Space-themed items – including apparel, mobile phones, plush toys, snacks and more – for hidden game clues that unlock four “golden eggsteroid” bonus levels. The golden eggsteroids may be hidden on pricetags, snack boxes and even on an actual t-shirt design. Examples include:

Angry Birds™ Space Fruit Snacks – $2.18

Angry Birds™ Space Limited Edition Space Tee – $6.97

Angry Birds™ Space 5” Plush Birds – $14.97

imageIf you have visions of people running through Walmart’s tearing stuffed toys to shreds looking for hidden treasure, you’re not alone.  If this thing becomes a phenomenon I can only imagine what will happen!

If you find a hidden egg, let me know! Take a pic or a video and let’s help people know where to look!

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