Walmart Announces HUGE Dare to Compare Event to Compete With Amazon Prime Day!

You may have seen all the ads recently telling you about Amazon Prime Day this Wednesday.  Amazon is having a HUGE blowout sale on the 15th on hundreds of items but ONLY for Amazon Prime which means that unless you have already paid your $99 Amazon Prime fee, you are out of luck. (Unless you want to pay $99 to join Amazon Prime.  I guess paying $99 to save money makes sense for some people.)

Well good news!  Walmart just announced a competing sale on the 15th full of awesome deals and you DON’T have to pay $99 to save! USA, LLC

So here’s what you need to know

Lower Minimum Shipping – Usually you have to spend $50 to get FREE shipping from Walmart but they are lowering that to $35 for the sale starting today.  Of course, you can always use the Ship to Store option to ship anything to your local store for FREE.

Everything will be cheaper than Amazon – OK, not EVERYTHING but everything on this page will be guaranteed to be cheaper than Amazon.  In fact, be sure to bookmark that page and check it often.

Look for the “Atomic” Deals – We don’t know much about this yet but Walmart has promised us some super special “Atomic” Deals that is sure to blow our socks off.

It Needs a Name – I wish Walmart was calling this sale something cool like Walmart Better Than Prime day, or Walmart Christmas in July, or Down with Amazon Day.  Just something cool.  Even the blogpost they put out announcing it just says that Everyday is Low Price Day at Walmart.  Everyday Low Price Day is a stupid name for a special sale like this..  Come on Walmart Marketing, you can do better than this! Walmart Atomic Deals Day?  Feel free to steal that.

UPDATE:  Looks like they are calling it “Dare to Compare”. USA, LLC