Himageere’s the best Price Match opportunities from the Target Ad.  We have changed the format to bring you more savings, now you can sign up at The Price Match Report to get a full price match list customized for your area delivered to you every week.  Here is a short post detailing why we made the change and you can go here to get a FREE trial membership.  So far everyone who has used this new system loves it and is saving much more money than with the old way.  If your town isn’t listed, sign up for the National lists to get all the National stores delivered to you and please contact me with any questions.  Here’s to saving even more money by Ad Matching at Walmart!

12/4 List


Kelloggs Cereal 10.2-18oz or Post Cereal 13oz
$1/3 (RP 11/6 #1 Limit 4) OR $1/2 (RP 11/13 Limit 4)
Retail price: $2.98
Sale price: $2.50
Final price: $2
You saved: $0.98 (33%)

Coca Cola Products 8 pk bottles or 12 pk cans 12 oz. Plus deposit where required.

Retail price: $4.69
Sale price: $3.33
Final price: $3.33
You saved: $1.36 (29%)

Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 12.6-20 oz. Selected varieties.

Retail price: $2.98
Sale price: $2.49
Final price: $2.49
You saved: $0.49 (16%)




  1. This is really neat ,but my question is , what about all these Walmarts stopping the price matching? Will it still be good in hopes that it’ll be picked up when you scan your Walmart receipt through savings catcher?

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      Probably but we won’t know for sure until Walmart says something about it.

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