There are some really great toy coupons that  just came out!

The first is a B2Gimage1 FREE coupon for the 4 packs of Play-Doh!  This is a super rare coupon that I‘m sure won’t last so you will want to get it quick.  At Christmas these were $2.97 each but there is every possibility that you could find them for a little cheaper now that we are past Christmas.  But even if you don’t, $1.99 each isn’t bad.  This would make a great “Buy and Store” gift to have for birthdays later.

The second is a coupon that gets you $3.00 off WYB 2 Easy-Bake Oven mixes.  These were $6.98 before Christmas but again, you might find them cheaper.

Print these both out now though, there is no way they last very long.

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