10 thoughts on “Speed Stick Deodorant for $.49

  1. I’m an avid reader, follower of the website iheartthemart.com. But was turned onto your website. Out of curiosity I checked out your posts and one after another oozed with familiarity. Hadn’t I seen this before? No I couldn’t have…then it dawned on me…of course I had seen them! They are the same deals as IHTM. What a coincidence that you post the same information! And WOW, you even mirror IHTM! Same product, same day or within a day or so. And what the real kicker is…you don’t even hide it! I will give it to you, you are either a total genius for finding a way to get someone to do the work for you (even without his knowledge) or you are a complete…nope, I refuse to resort to name calling! So which is it? Isn’t that stealing his information? Shouldn’t you be thanking him for all of his hard work? Isn’t this dangerously close to copyright infringement? Uh oh, maybe I just crossed the line? I know, you’re getting defensive. It’s ok, you should be! You are being called out! I’m questioning your integrity and work ethic. I bet those cogs and pistons in your head are working overtime about how you will respond to this accusation. It’s ok, I’ll wait! Get up walk around, take a few deep breaths because I’m not done! Are you ready to hear the rest? Good! I’m just wondering…are you just too lazy to do your own work? Oops, that was harsh! Maybe you have a mental disorder or some physical handicap that doesn’t allow you sit at the computer, type in words, and find information? Wait..ha, ha…that can’t be it because you are able to copy information on a computer, type in words and find IHTM’s information. Oh I don’t know, you tell me, isn’t there some kind of blogging etiquette you should be following? Basically enough is enough! Man up and do your own work! Stop stealing IHTM’s deals and ideas just because you lack the mental acuity to find them on your own! You what know? Maybe you just aren’t quite sure how to thank IHTM properly? Let me help you out with that: Dear IHTM, I’m so grateful to have you as my source of great deals. For you are the reason I am able to post.Thank you for allowing me to use your website for gathering money saving deals from Walmart and not have to put forth any effort whatsoever. Thank you for allowing me to be lazy and doing all of the hard work for me! I appreciate all of your efforts and time you put into creating such great deals so that people like me may take them and publish them as our own! I’m sure you don’t mind at all that I’m stealing your work and that I will continue to do so. And why wouldn’t I? I obviously have no integrity. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am! So keep up the good work, so that I can keep up mine…uh I mean yours! Yes, that should about do it, don’t you think? I hope you are taking this email as it was intended…for you to stop all flagrant use of another’s published information and passing it off as your own!

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      Well, we are both covering the same store, wouldn’t you expect to see a lot of the same information? Everything I put up is the product of my own work and I am physically in my Walmart over 20 hours a week. No one does the Reverse Coupon Matchups like I do and those alone take all day Saturday to compile and type up. If you will notice all the pictures are my own and carry my own copyright, these pictures are taken as I am checking prices every day. and of course, we both promote the same printable coupons because we are both pulling from the same source for those coupons. I have never nor will I ever steal info from his site and anytime I use anyone else’s posted information I always link back as is the acceptable practice for bloggers. Thank you for airing your concerns, hopefully I’ve answered them, God bless.

      1. Same product…same day…same zip code…same list format?! With over 30,000 products in walmart and you post about the same ones? Still doesn’t add up!

        1. Aarn Farmer says:

          Again, it makes perfect sense. We get the same information about the same coupons. One other thing that might be adding to the confusion is most of the deals from coupons.com I post are direct links (I don’t give a zipcode) but when you click on a link it keeps your home zipcode in the box. In your case it would always say 77380. I know Paul posts many deals from 77380 because that is his home zipcode. (Hey look at that, you are practically neighbors, tell him hi for me!) 77380 is also on the list of about 15 or so zipcodes I check everyday for new coupons in case one slips through the cracks. Again, you are seeing exactly what you would expect to see. Thanks again.

  2. Sounds like an IHTM minion to me. I know for a fact that Aarn spends countless hours in Walmart and would never take information from another site. Annie, don’t you know we can trace your ISP? Think of that next time you want to make false claims against someone. This is absolutely ridiculous. You need a hobby other than couponing Annie because obviously couponing is NOT doing it for you! Don’t take up investigating either because you aren’t too good at that either. Notice the pictures that Aarn posts, hmmm they are pictures he has taken with either his phone or pad in Walmart. He does the same for Kroger so if you are going to investigate someone, get it right. Absolutely ridiculous!

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m sure she just didn’t understand how blogging works. Now that I’ve explained it a little i’m sure she sees that she was wrong. I am expecting an apology any minute, especially since she just has to change a few words in the one she wrote on the first comment.

  3. I’ve emailed Paul several times that you’re posts are REMARKABLY similar, he responded that he couldn’t be bothered. That says it all!

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      I’d be curious about the posts you are talking about. This Speed Stick deal you are posting on first showed up in my Reverse Coupon Matchup last Saturday, well before he posted anything about it. What others have got you upset?

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