Schick Razor Gift Set Just $9.88! Down From $40!

Schick Razor Gift Set

Walmart is currently offering this Schick Razor Gift Set for just $9.88 down from $40 PLUS FREE store pick up or FREE shipping for orders $35 or more!

New Hydro5 Sense Razor Gift Set with Shock Absorbing action with BONUS Edge shave gel and convenient travel cap. Customize your shave.  The revolutionary new Schick Hydro 5 Sense Razor features Shock Absorb technology, which auto-adjusts to pressure and provides the perfect amount of contact with your skin.  Its the only razor that’s customized for your skin and how you shave, protecting your skin from irritation; while our Hydrate gel, with coconut oil, hydrates your skin throughout each shave.

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  • Shock Absorb Technology – Our unique razor auto-adjusts based on how you shave, backing off if youre applying too much pressure, or adding back when you need it.
  • Unique Hydrate Gel Formula, with coconut oil, hydrates the skin throughout each shave while our 5 ultra-glide blades with skin guards protects you from irritation.
  • The 7 Gel Pools* are designed to provide instant lubricating protection, featuring a lubricant surface area increase of 80%. *Average vs. Quattro Titanium lube strip.
  • Flip Trimmer for Hard-to-Reach Areas – Conveniently switch between shaving larger surfaces with all 5 blades, and precision trimming with single edging blade, all with a simple flip of the thumb.

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