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SwagBucks Tutorial


To my shame, I have neglected writing this SwagBucks tutorial for far too long.  SwagBucks are an incredibly easy way to make extra money every day, in fact there have been MANY Christmases that Dian and I have bought all out gifts almost exclusively with SwagBucks Giftcards.  So how do you start making money? So glad you asked!

The very FIRST thing you need to do is sign up.  Just click here, fill out the short form and you are ready to go.

Next, use SwagBucks to search.  The easiest way to do this is to download the toolbar or change your default search engine to Swagbucks.  Once you are logged into your Swagbucks account, just look at the top for the Tools link and scroll down to Toolbar.  That will walk you through installing it.  Now every time you search use Swagbucks and make some money while searching and since Swagbucks search is powered by Google, it’s essentially the same search experience you are used to.

Swagbucks will also put out “SwagCodes” that you can redeem for SwagBucks.  You can check the Swag Bucks Widget on my right lower sidebar and they will also sometimes be on their Twitter or FaceBook streams or hidden on their blog.  If you follow me on FaceBook or Twitter, I’ll tell you where to look to find yours.  I can’t tell you exactly where the code will be and I can’t link directly to it, per their rules but I’ll tell you where to look.  Just use the links above to get close to the right area and then you may need to look a little.

As you accumulate SwagBucks, trade them in for Gift Cards at any of your favorite stores or buy things directly from the SwagBucks site.  Personally, I turn them in for Amazon cards to feed my Kindle habit.  The only question left is what will you buy with yours?

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  1. Sarie Sophie via Facebook

    i foudn it but didnt see any swagbucks do i get it

  2. Grocery Shop For Free at The Mart via Facebook

    That link takes you to my SwagBucks Tutorial that walks you through what to do. In it, there is a link to sign up for the program and then you look for the code. This particular code has expired (They only last an hour or two) so the best thing to do is sign up and then wait for the next one. They add up fast!

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