Walmart BOGO Policy in Florida Has Changed

REMINDER: The Walmart BOGO Policy in Florida Has Changed

Just wanted to remind you all that the special Walmart BOGO policy in Florida has ended and is now identical to the BOGO policy in the rest of the country.  Here’s what you need to know.

A Final Price MUST be Listed in the Ad to Ad Match

This is the biggest change to the policy.  Under the old rules, you saw this in the ad:


Walmart would give you 2 Armour Meatballs at what ever price they sold 1 for.  That made for some awesome deals!  However, under the new policy, you would not be able to match that deal because no final price is listed.

Here’s an example of the kind of deal you CAN Ad Match


So technically this is B1G2 and not BOGO but the same principle applies.  You will pay $5.99 and get 3 bottles of Purex at Walmart because they would know what the final price is.

What about “UP TO” Pricing?

There is still one small grey area that isn’t specifically covered and that is when there is a “Save up to” price listed in the ad.  Here’s an example:


So these Old El Paso kits are BOGO and it says “Save Up To $2.89”.  Most Walmarts will take that $2.89 as the price they will match, allowing you to get two of these kits for $2.89.  However, since there is no definite price listed (just that nebulous “up to”) there are some Walmarts that are not PMing it at all.  Unfortunately, when that happens, you are probably out of luck because those deals are left up to the manager’s discretion.  You can try calling 800-WALMART and pleading your case but there is no way to really force the issue beyond that.

I know you are Floridians are disappointed by the change but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.  It’s still possible to get great ad matching deals though!