NutriBullet 9-Piece Blender Set Just $74! Down From $129! PLUS FREE Shipping!

NutriBullet 9-Piece Blender Set

This NutriBullet 9-Piece Blender Set is now offered at Walmart for just $74 down from $129 PLUS FREE shipping!

The NutriBullet Pro 900 allows you to take ordinary fruits and vegetable and mix together in any combination.  It gives you the proper amounts of vitamins and nutrition per meal, making you the picture of good health.  The NutriBullet does all the work and it’s super easy to use.  It effortlessly cuts through thick skins, stubborn nuts, tough stems and nutrient-rich foods.  Leave the skins on and let your body absorb all the nutrition it can from the entire fruit, vegetable, nut and more.  The NutriBullet Pro 900 uses a powerful motor with an incredibly sharp and precise blade system, combining juicing and processing into one easy step.  It slices through anything and makes your food easily digestible and nutritious.  Eat healthier and add the vitamins and minerals you need for a long life.  The nine-piece set includes a travel mug allowing you to take your beverage with you wherever you go.

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  • Magic Bullet nutribullet 9-piece set
  • Transform ordinary food into super food and add years to your life
  • Busts open seeds
  • Cracks through stems
  • Shreds tough skin
  • NutriBullet blender in silver has super-powerful 900W motor
  • Dimensions: 7.8″”W x 13.98″”D x 16.34″”H
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 9-piece model# NB9-0901
  • It dies all the work and is easy to operate
  • Makes any fruits, vegetables, nuts and more easy to digest
  • Includes a sharp and precise blade system

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