Hell's Kitchen Creme Brulee

I wandered around my Walmart today and noticed several additions on the baking aisle that you might be interested in.

First up is a Crème Brulee kit from Hell’s Kitchen.  Look, Crème Brulee is awesome but no one has a flame thrower so this looks pretty cool.

Betty Crocker Hershey's S'Mores CupcakesBetty Crocker Hershey's S'Mores Cookie Mix

Next are cupcake and cookie mixes from Hershey’s.  The cream filled S’mores cupcakes with S’mores icing look pretty much awesome.


And finally there were these ChocoMaker Belgian Chocolate Dessert Cups.  They are little chocolate cups you put other desserts in.  Honestly, a little scoop of Blue Bell in one of these sounds incredible.