Scotch Brite Greener Clean Sponge










Dian and I just arrived in beautiful San Marcos Tx where she is attending a conference for HEB Beauty Bloggers and I am left alone and unattended in the hotel room upstairs. (Feel sorry for me!)  I just had my first Carl’s Jr hamburger (So good! Guacamole and bacon should be on every burger.  In fact, Eat Wholly should team up with every burger joint near my house!)

So, I’m going to list a few coupons that popped up in my email for your printing pleasure then see if I can get a few of my Price Match lists done.   (BTW, did you see my Texas Rangers DESTROY the BoSox last night? So beautiful!)

Save $.75 off Two Scotch Brite Greener Clean Scrub Sponge Multi-Packs

Save $2 off any Sally Hansen Hair Remover or Bleach

Save $2 off any one Neosporin Antibiotic Product

Save $7 off a KY Brand Premium Product

Save $1 off any one Polident Product

Save $1 off any one Poligrip Product

Save $2 off any L’Preal Paris Face Cosmetic Product

Save $1 off any One Girard’s Salad Dressing

Save $.75 off Two Bags of Werther’s Original Carmel Variety

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