Limited Edition Softsoap Body Washes Just $2.99 At Walmart!

Feel Fresh, Smell Fresh, and Look Fresh This Summer With SoftSoap Body Washes!

The extreme heat of the summer might finally be coming to an end, but, that doesn’t mean that you should stop caring for your skin!  Instead of just stepping out of the shower and patting yourself dry, try and adding these hydrating products into your regimen to avoid dry skin.

I am always so thrilled when Softsoap sends me their new Limited Edition Softsoap Body Washes! They are always enriched with moisture-rich formulas that keep your skin hydrated and smooth.  Plus, these leave your skin smelling like summer!

Check out these two new Limited Edition Moisturizing Body Washes they sent me!  They are available right now at Walmart for a limited time!

Softsoap Limited Edition Coastal Sunrise™ Moisturizing Wash

Awaken your senses with the new limited edition Coastal Sunrise™ moisturizing body wash. Watch the summer season bloom before your eyes, as the invigorated scent of Citrus Blossom surrounds you and the moisturizing formula leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Softsoap Limited Edition Seaside Rush™ Moisturizing Body Wash

This summer, set sail with the new limited edition Seaside Rush™ moisturizing body wash. Celebrate the warmer weather with the refreshing scents of Lily & Bergamot, which will captivate your senses and leave skin feeling soft and radiant.

Right now they are just $2.99 at Walmart!  But, hurry they won’t last long they are limited editions!

Your skin will thank you for these new Limited Edition Softsoap Body Washes!

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