Is this the end of Walmart's BOGO Policy in Florida

Is This the End of Walmart’s Florida BOGO Policy?

If you live in Florida, you know that there is a rather unique price match policy at those Florida Walmarts.  Essentially, Walmart would PM BOGO deals even if there wasn’t a final price listed in the ad.  It made for some awesome deals but it seems that’s all about to change.

Florida Walmart Bogo Policy

The above picture was taken by one of the wonderful people in our Walmart Couponing and Ad Matching FaceBook room.  (You should join!)  What it says is that starting October 6th, Florida Price Match policy will be identical to the policy of the rest of the country. 

The big takeaway is that the ads will have to have a final price listed in the ad for you to be able to price match it.  I know you Floridians will be disappointed but at least it won’t be so confusing anymore.