If you didn’t get a chance to look today’s Reverse Coupon Matchups, you need to stop everything and go take a look because there are some GREAT deals this week.  Here’s what I picked up this morning. (And I’m not even close to done!)

10 Bic Flamedisks – $3.97 each – I used the FREE coupon for Bic Flamedisk in SS 8/26 – Final: FREE!

10 Poligrips – $1.78 each – I used the FREE coupon for Poligrip from RP 8/26 – Final: FREE!

That’s $57.80 in products for absolutely nothing!  And that’s not even everything that you can get for FREE this week!

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  1. i just got 11 of those Bic Flame Discs, 20 Bic razors, 2 pkgs. huffies trash bags, 2 twizzlers, jar of Mt. Olive Pickles, 2 Garlic Shrimp Voile all for $9. $138 worth of stuff!!! woo hooo

  2. hey where did you find the bic flame disc’s at, i looked in several places in the store and i couldn’t find them.

    1. Aarn Farmer says:

      They were over by the charcoal in the garden section

      1. I went and they were all out of the poligrip and I couldn’t even find a space for the Bic things 🙁 I was super sad. Then we went to the grocery store and I didn’t even think to bring my coupons in and they had the darn poligrip there… I guess I am going to have to carry those coupons to every store and get looking!!!

        1. Aarn Farmer says:

          Yeah, I have a very small “coupon wallet” where I carry really hot coupons JIC I need them. I.t’s gotten me some really good deals over the years

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